Tuesday, 13 November 2007
barbie as the island princess

Mommy gives me new Barbie DVD, the title is Barbie the Island Princess. In this movie, Barbie plays Princess Rosella, a girl shipwrecked on a deserted island with only an elephant, a panda and a peacock for company in this animated feature. But after a prince rescues her, Barbie finds it hard to adjust to civilization. As she struggles to find her place in the world, she hopes to be reunited with her long-lost parents in this musical adventure featuring nine original songs.

I really love too if i have Princess Rosella's doll, this beautiful barbie's doll comes to life as she sings songs from the movie solo and her dress transforms—peacock feathers fan out when manually lifted. I can listen to her sing solos or with her friend the red panda, who only sings when held by the doll’s arm.


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